Montessori Education at FKS


Goals of Montessori:

  • Discovering and sustaining our children's identity and providing avenues of self-expression and independence through the methods of Dr. Maria Montessori
  • Fostering and encouraging natural curiosity within our students to develop & promote a positive attitude towards school and learning 
  • Focusing on cognitive development, self-esteem, independence and personal responsibility

Here at the Faithkeepers School, we believe that the combination of Montessori academic methods with exposure to Seneca culture & the teachings of Gaiwi:yo:h will support optimal development.  Our ultimate goal is to prepare the students with a strong Seneca identity and confidence in their individual pursuit of knowledge & education


The students at FKS are provided a carefully designed learning environment in which they can explore & learn according to their natural inclinations


The classrooms provide specialized areas for study in the following subjects:

Practical Life



Language (including a Seneca language area & Sound Chart)




Monthly field trips provide new outlets for exploration.

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